UK companies will not need a fiscal representative after Brexit in Denmark

The Danish tax authorities announced that there will be no need for a fiscal representative after Brexit, unless imports or exports are performed.

No fiscal representative required in Denmark post-Brexit

UK companies have yet another reason to celebrate – they will not need to appoint a fiscal representative in Denmark after Brexit if they are not importing or exporting any goods into or out of Denmark. This was announced by the Danish tax authorities recently, and we expect an official bulletin to be posted in the coming weeks. In their announcement, the Danish tax authorities provide additional information (in Danish) about new tax obligations and the tax impacts of Brexit.

Other countries that have previously adopted similar measures include France, Belgium, Norway, and Italy.

What does a fiscal representative do and when do I need one?

In some cases, non-EU established companies are required to appoint a fiscal representative for tax purposes. Fiscal representatives are necessary for VAT registration for these companies in these circumstances and represent the company in front of the tax authorities in case of any penalties for late payments or debts incurred. UK companies will not have this obligation after Brexit under the scenario mentioned above, and therefore can enjoy direct VAT registration.


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