Croatia: VAT rate reduction to combat inflation

Croatian reduces VAT rates on energy and some other basic products as from April 2022

Croatian government has approved a cut down on the VAT rates for specific goods, mainly on energy, sanitary and food products, to fight against inflation. This follows the trend of other EU countries reducing VAT rates with the same purpose, like Poland.

Support package consisting of VAT rates reduction measure will be composed of permanent and temporary VAT rate changes.

The new VAT rates will be applicable as from April 2022.

VAT rates change in Croatia

VAT rates applicable in Croatia are: 5%, 13% and 25%.

The VAT rates changes applicable from April 2022 are the following:

  • Electricity: VAT rate is cut down from 25% to 13%.
  • Gas: VAT rate is temporary reduced from 25% to 13% - this is a temporary reduction until March 2023.
  • Pellets and other wood materials and firewoods: VAT rate is cut down from 25% to 13%.
  • Basic food products, such as meat and fish, eggs, fruit, vegetables, edible fats and oils, baby food, seedlings, fertilizers, pesticides, and butter and margarine: VAT rate is cut down from 25% and 13% to 5%.
  • Sanitary napkins and tampons: VAT rate is cut down from 25% to 13%.
  • Entrance tickets for events: VAT is reduced from 25% to 13%.

Check the full list of EU VAT rates in the following link.


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