ERP solutions to Spanish real-time reporting

After the announcement on the new real-time reporting obligation in Spain and the additional information published by the authorities, most main ERP solutions of the existing providers have published an update on the solution being developed to comply with the new rules.

Additional information on the Spanish real-time reporting

We have put together a short summary of where each of these providers stands at the moment:

  • Oracle: Their developers are currently in contact with the IT representatives of the Spanish tax authorities. They are working on the offered solution, for which a bug was created with number 25346731 . The importance assigned a severy level 0, which is the maximum importance that can be allocated in these type of changes.
  • Microsoft Dynamics: Developers are working on a solution that can adapt to the new requirements without having to install external software or plug-ins. In principle, only the versions of NAV and AX after 2013 will be able to offer this solution. However, several service providers will be offering the work needed to adapt older versions. The solution is expected to be available on May 2017.
  • SAP developers are also working on a solution that is planned to be available on 1 May 2017, hence providing for two months of testing before it becomes mandatory. If you have SAP login details, you can find more information here and in the following notes 2409025, 2134248 and 2420034 published by the SAP team on their proposed solution to adapt to the new system.

How can Marosa help you?

In Marosa we are currently in contact with these suppliers and their authorized partners in Spain to offer a solution for all our clients. Our proposed tools will also include those businesses using their own accounting and ERP solutions system for which a tailored made solution is required.


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