EU Commission VAT resources: A link to everything

The EU Commission recently published a summary of all resources from Member States webpages on VAT materials.

The European Union continues to improve the knowledge resources in the area of VAT that are available for the general public. We expect this trend to accelerate over the next few months, particularly in the area of VAT rates information in each Member State, as this information will become increasingly important once the MOSS VAT regime on distance sales of goods comes into force.

The latest resource published by the EU Commission is available on its website. This new portal includes the following information:

  • Access to country-by-country tax authorities' portals with general information about VAT
  • Access to domestic tax authorities websites to submit your VAT returns online
  • An overview of VAT rates in the EU
  • Rules on reduced rated, super reduced rates and parking rates.

Additional EU resources on VAT

There are several public and free of charge resources published in the internet and on our website. These manuals and publications will help you on your day a day work.

Marosa provides VAT knowledge resources and training for your VAT team. Contact us to understand how you can improve the resources of your team for their day to day compliance work.

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