Generate your XML file for Portuguese ECSL return

Our tool allows you to generate the Portuguese ECSL upload file using our Excel template.

Spanish ECSL generatorCreate an ECSL file ready to submit using our Excel template

Entering each intra-Community transaction manually in the Portuguese ECSL return is a lengthy and cumbersome project.  Our tool allows you to generate the Portuguese ECSL upload file using our Excel template.

You will only need to copy and paste your intra-Community data into our template and upload the Excel file to produce the ECSL file ready for submission.

Once ready, you can submit your file directly in the webpage of the tax authorities.

1. Download our template file

Our Excel template is ready to be downloaded in your computer.

2. Enter your information in the template file

You can directly copy your data in our Excel template. You only need to read the instructions and follow the format of each data field as described in the template.

3. Get your ECSL file ready for submission

Upload the completed file using the below button, provide your email address, and you will receive the XML file ready to be submitted. You will then need to visit the website of the Portugese tax authorities to upload and submit your ECSL return. Remember that you need specific passwords and that you must check that all details included on your XML file are correct.

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Important. This tool covers the main intra-Community transactions to be reported in the Portuguese ECSL. It will not work for certain, less frequent , supplies such as those covered by the Quick Fixes simplifications.

Our tool is free of charge and must be used for informative purposes. Marosa is not responsible for the data reported in your XML file, nor for the differences in format, data, or schema between the file and the original data from your ERP.

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