How to use Marosa SII on your Spanish SII obligations

Video tutorials for the Marosa SII Tool

Overview of Marosa SII

This video will walk you through the main features of Marosa SII. It is a good start if you have not yet heard from us. We will guide you through the login process, digital certificates, and different areas of our dashboard. It also gives a short summary of the navigation panel and the process to generate your first Spanish VAT return with our tool.

Manual upload of invoices

We will guide you through the process of submitting your invoices to the Spanish SII with a simple file uploaded in our system. The video also explains the content, data fields, and format of the upload file. This video is longer than most of our videos, but you will have the opportunity to review the data fields required in each book of invoices submitted to the Spanish SII. We will also walk you through each step of the process to upload your file.

Review and edit invoices

This video explains how to access invoices that you have reported via Marosa SII. We will explain how to download summary files with invoices for a given period, how to edit invoices directly from our tool, and how to check the status of each invoice submitted.

Manage batches

In this video, we walk you through the concept of batches in Marosa SII and we explain how to access each batch of invoices submitted via Marosa SII. We will also explain how to submit batches and check the status of those batches already submitted.

Invoice reconciliation in Spanish SII

This video will walk you through the reconciliation process and how to use Marosa SII to find differences between your ERP and Spanish SII data. We explain why it is important to reconcile your data and in which scenarios you would find differences in your SII data. As explained in the video, if you do not have your own certificate loaded in the system, there will be instances where a full reconciliation is not possible.

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