Old portal for online submissions in the Netherlands re-opened

Upon request, tax authorities might re-open the old portal for Q1 2022 VAT return submissions.

The old portal was closed the last January 2022 for certain taxpayers obligated to move to the new portal – mostly companies established in the Netherlands. However, tax authorities allow, exceptionally, to re-open the old portal upon request for those taxpayers who will not have the new portal set up in time for the submission of the Q1 2022 reporting period.

The request can be done via phone call to the tax office. They will process the request and send you a letter within 10 days confirming that access to the old portal is only temporary.

This only applies to those taxpayers established in Netherlands or unable to register on the country’s Trade Register. Foreign companies registered only for VAT purposes in the Netherlands in principle shall continue to have access to the old portal normally.

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