Poland increases the interest on late VAT payments

Poland increased the interest rate applicable to late tax payments, including VAT payments.

Increased interest rate in Poland

Poland increased the interest rate applicable to late tax payments several times during 2022, including VAT payments.

The updated interest rates are published on the website of the Ministry of Finance.

The last update available is dated 16 September 2022, and the interest rates applicable are the following:

  • Standard interest rate is 16,5% per year.
  • Reduced interest rate is 8,25% per year.
  • Increased interest rate is 24,75% per year.

When do the standard and increased interest rates apply?

The reduced interest rate applies when the taxpayer submits a corrective tax return before receiving a requirement from the tax authorities, and the VAT payment of the additional tax liability arrives to the tax authorities within 7 days following the submission.

On the contrary, the increased interest rate is applicable for VAT and customs duties in case of non-compliance due to failure to submit and pay a VAT return and this is detected during a tax audit. Also, when the taxpayer knows about the tax liability and fails to comply with its tax obligations.

How can Marosa help you?

Marosa can help you to meet your VAT compliance obligations in Poland. We can prepare and submit your VAT, SAF-T, ESPL and Intrastat files in Poland, inform you about any additional compliance obligation, and help you understanding the notifications received from the tax authorities as well as the VAT treatment of your activities in the country.

Also, if you are a non-EU company making business transactions in Poland, Marosa can be appointed as a fiscal representative in Poland.

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