Bank Account Details for German Tax Offices Updated

The German Federal Central tax office (BZSt) has published an updated list with information of the local tax offices, including their latest bank account details for receiving periodic VAT payments from each registered taxpayer.

Unlike in other EU countries, in Germany, the responsible tax office depends on the country where you are established in.  For example companies established in the UK have to communicate with the tax office Finanzamt Hannover-Nord. You can find the complete listing with all countries and their responsible tax offices published by the German Federal Central tax office (BZSt) here.

Using the right bank account when making your VAT payments is important in order to avoid penalties for late VAT return payments which in some cases can be very high (e.g. 30% in Italy for late payment after the due date to submit the annual return, for example). These penalties are different from country to country. As way of example, you can see our sections for VAT penalties in the VAT Manuals for Italy, Spain or France for example.

At Marosa we can prepare your VAT returns for all European countries and help you complying with the specific requirements in each country in order to avoid any VAT penalties.


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