France introduces the tool France Transfert

France Transfert allows the exchange of documents with French tax authorities.

France Transfert is the new tool recently released by the French authorities to ease the exchange of voluminous documents with the State’s administration. The tool has been internally developed to meet specific administration needs and make it simpler for people usually working with them.

How to use France Transfert?

The tool is straightforward and helpful. Here are the steps to follow for using France Transfert:

  1. Attach the relevant documents. Documents can be dragged into the correspondent box, or selected through the attachment button.
  2. Select the sending format. There are two possibilities concerning the format: i) email format and ii) link format, to be shared later.
  3. Introduce the email addresses. At least one of the parties involved in the communication must be an administration agent - either the sender or the receiver. This condition is verified when an official State’s email address is included.
  4. Personalize if necessary. For example, you can choose to keep the documents for more than one month available for download.
  5. Include the verification code sent to your email address.

And that would be it! If you have selected the option of link format, you will receive the link via email, including a password to open it.

France Transfert allows you to share high-volume documents with the French administration.

What are the advantages of the tool?

The tool presents important advantages, such as the following:

  • It is possible to import a contact list. Each exchange can be sent to a maximum of 100 contacts.
  • The volume of the files shared is remarkably higher than the volume allowed to be received by tax agents with an official email address – which has a relatively small weight limit. France Transfert allows sending until 20 Go per share.
  • The tool is available in different supports, such as computers, tablet, or mobile phones. 
  • Documents are available for download for at least one month.
  • Security in the exchange. An anti-virus analyses all files shared, and also the documents can be sent with a password for opening.

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