A new tool is available to complete Spanish VAT returns

The Spanish tax authorities released a tool, called Pre303, to help taxpayers complete their VAT returns in Spain.

What is the Pre303?

Starting in February 2021, a tool offered by the Spanish tax authorities for easy VAT return submission will be made available to all taxpayers in Spain. It will primarily be used to submit Spanish VAT returns (Modelo 303) and offers several other services as well, such as VAT registration information, submission of import VAT payments, and consultation of the import VAT with deferred payment.

Keep in mind that only taxpayers with a digital certificate or a Cl@ve PIN will be able to access the tool. Otherwise, going through a third party with a Power of Attorney in place will do the trick.

Contact Marosa if you need help getting a Spanish digital certificate. We can get this certificate for your company or, if you work in a SSC, we may get the certificate for an individual as tax consultant, hence allowing that certificate to be used for multiple entities.

What are the benefits of using this tool?

This tool will automatically fill out some boxes in the VAT return based on the information available from the census. In this regard, taxpayers will also be able to update their census information with the tool that pertains directly to the VAT return. This will reduce delays caused by discrepancies in the information available in the census and the VAT return.

Furthermore, mostly all taxpayers using SII (Immediate Supply of Information) reporting will have additional services available through the tool, such as access to Aggregate Books (LLAA) submitted through SII to the Spanish tax authorities. These books will inform you of the amount that should be reported on your Spanish VAT return and include comments about how the calculations were made. Taxpayers can transfer this information directly from the LLAA and will have the option to modify it before filing if needed.

Need help with SII reporting? Learn more about how Marosa SII can help make your reporting easier.


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