Value Added Tax in local language is "Taxe sur la valeur adjoute"

French nil and corrective VAT returns

A nil VAT return needs to be submitted even if there are no transactions to be reported for that period.

A corrective VAT return is normally required when the VAT position changes. However, some conditions apply depending on the amounts corrected. The following scenarios can happen:

  • Additional output VAT requires a corrective VAT return. In practice, the French tax authorities allow the correction to be made on the current return where the additional VAT amount does not exceed €4,000. In these cases, the additional invoices, including net and VAT amount as well as invoice date should be added in the correspondence box of the VAT return. If the additional output VAT exceeds €4,000, a corrective VAT return is always required
  • Excessive input VAT reported in the previous return: It can be corrected in the current period. The amount over-deducted must be entered in line 15 (TVA antérieurement déduite à reverser). A written explanation must be added in the Correspondence box
  • If input VAT needs to be added (e.g. invoices found that were not previously reported), these invoices are simply added in the period in which the invoices were found. No need to correct the previous return. In these cases, the additional input VAT is added in line 21 (Autre TVA a deduire) of the VAT return

Corrective VAT returns are submitted electronically.

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