Spanish new tool: VAT credit calculator

Spanish Tax Authorities have implemented a VAT credit calculator to ease VAT compliance.

VAT credit calculator

Spanish Tax Authorities implemented a VAT credit calculator that allows taxpayers access to an overview of the credit position reported in previous periods and the current VAT credit in their tax accounts.

Since some time ago, Spanish VAT returns already display the VAT credit available to carry forward or to compensate the VAT amount payable from the current reporting period, according to the official records and the amounts previously reported. However, the tool can be used at any time, and not only when preparing the Spanish VAT return, and it includes a breakdown of the historical VAT credit amounts.

Spain takes another step into quality and e-services to make it easier for taxpayers to comply with their VAT obligations and to track their VAT position.

Here is the link to the Spanish tax authorities’ tool to display the taxpayer’s VAT credit.

How can Marosa help you?

Marosa can help you to meet your VAT compliance obligations and VAT refund applications in Spain. We can prepare and submit your VAT returns in Spain, inform you about any additional compliance obligations, and help you understand the notifications received from the tax authorities and the VAT treatment of your activities in the country.

You can find detailed information about VAT refunds in Spain in our country manual section. 

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